Google Doodle Is Now Accepting Submission for Ways of Showing Kindness

Amongst too much hate and cyberbullying, it seems Google is trying to turn tables on bullies and trolls by promoting ways in which people like to show kindness to others. Each year Google invites K-12 students to come up with doddles for their search engine's homepage. The idea is to make the users feel invited and this also helps in bringing in fresh ideas and new inspiration for the team and content creators at Google. For the Google doodle 2020, the tech giant has set a theme around ways of expressing kindness, which means that students are expected to make doodles about the ways they like to express kindness for others. The ending date of the submission has been set on March 13, 2020, and entries will be accepted till 8 PM of this date. This is the 12th continuous year of this initiative by Google making it a tradition that most users especially students and kids who like to express their feeling through art, wait for the whole year. The entries for the work can be submitted by the doodlers via online submission as well as mail entries.

For the entries, the completion has been arranged with a proper criterion. The received doodles will be grouped in five grades according to the age level of the artists, this has been set especially for making sure that the competition is fair for all. The five groups include K-3, 4-5, 6-7 and 10-12. The criteria for selecting the best entry will be merit, creativity, following the theme, communicating the theme properly, ways of express artistically and also the written statement.

The qualifying finalists will be then judged by every state and then 10 or more winners will be selected in each division or grade group with the help of the guest judges and Google doodlers. These shortlisted finalists will be selected 54 in total and once they are selected, the public will be asked to vote for shortlisting the final five winners from the overall national entries from each grade group.

The work of the winner will be displayed on and the winner will be given a college scholarship of worth 30,000 dollars. A technology package of around 50,000 dollars for the school/NGO of the winner and he will also be able to enjoy a trip to the mountain view and that’s not everything, there is a lot more, the winner will be enjoying.

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