Mark Zuckerberg Plans on Focusing on Five Key Areas for Facebook's Growth

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg makes yearly resolutions to improve his growth along with his company. This year, Zuckerberg has taken a different path and has chosen to focus on the long term growth than on setting yearly resolutions. Along with it, Zuckerberg has outlined five key areas that will improve the growth of Facebook in the coming time. Here’s a detailed review of these points.

Focusing on Generational Change

Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook came into existence to give people the voice they were looking for to reach people, but somehow the fulfillment of this aim still remains an issue. Zuckerberg highlighted the fact that giving more voice to people means more arguments and division, thus leading to political division. Also, the role of foreign-backed groups plays a great role in exacerbating the situation.

Facebook is a major source of news and with time, the generational change will bring changes to Facebook as well. The social network will work to help these entrepreneurs and the young generation to progress through this platform.

Allowing More Privacy

Having a platform where you can openly share your life, views, opinions, etc. gives you an opportunity, but a significant disadvantage as well. A lot of celebrity and political scandals surfaced on the internet, which called out for more private conversations or activities on Facebook.

Users are moving towards private messaging and groups to avoid any privacy issues, which will be the focus of Facebook in the coming years. Although it will give a good opportunity to users for engagement with their friends and family within private walls, but it will give a tough time to social media marketers in terms of outreach strategies.

Facilitating Opportunities on Platform

Facebook is also keen to work on helping businesses to grow by facilitating them in common tasks. Soon, Facebook will release its own cryptocurrency that will enable people to transfer funds online, thus giving more opportunities for people.

People will be able to conduct their business, send money, and make payments, etc. at a low cost through Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook – a long a term plan that will benefit a lot of people in the long run.
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Libra cryptocurrency is already under process at Facebook, which has the potential of giving a lot of opportunities to people. Zuckerberg aims at improving the performance of the platform through this approach.

Emphasizing on AR & VR

Augmented and virtual reality is leading the world and Facebook has already invested a lot in this area. Facebook’s AR-enabled smart glasses and Oculus VR platform is already in the process, but there’s no news on their release or anything yet.

Zuckerberg aims to bring about more options for people through the platform that will allow them to be in more proximity with people. By focusing on this technology, we can also work on the bigger social issues, including the housing challenges in cities.

Enhanced Governance

Facebook is focused on improving the governance on its platform to treat each case in the same manner, instead of acting differently in each case. A proper and uniform framework is the need of the time to handle the ad targeting and data usage on social platforms. It might be costly for Facebook, but being on one page is more appropriate and more importantly, the need of the time.

Setting the right boundaries is the focus of Facebook, which might not give fast results, but it will set some standards. Let’s hope Facebook performs well in the future by sticking to these points. Facebook is tackling a lot of issues, but hopefully, these new changes will set a new path of success for the platform and for Zuckerberg.

Photo: JOSH EDELSON via Getty Images

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