Chrome for Android Will Now Show Favicons of URLs in the Omnibox, As On Chrome for Desktop

Around 11 years ago, when Chrome was introduced, Omnibox was among the signature design features of the browser. Till date, new features are added every now and then and recently a new feature was tested where favicons in the autocomplete dropdown were shown in the unified address bar of Chrome on Android.

When a query is entered or a URL is typed in the Omnibox, up to five suggested queries or autocomplete suggestions are shown. Next to each suggestion, favicons are being tested by Google. The search queries have a magnifying glass next to it, whereas links have favicons, a star is shown for a bookmark or a globe is shown generally.

If the same query has been searched already on the device, a historical marker is shown.

Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS have the same feature. Displaying favicons in the Omnibox help to identify the nature of the query. Also, in the recent releases, Google has worked to show more results in the Omnibox directly.

Now answers to queries related to sports score, weather and translation are directly shown in the Omnibox.

The new update of showing favicons for URLs in autocomplete has not been rolled out widely yet but users can manually enable or disable it.

To enable or disable it, go to chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-show-suggestion-favicons

This setting in Chrome will enable Omnibox UI to Shows favicons instead of generic vector icons for URL suggestions in the Omnibox dropdown

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