Animated Stickers and Account Transfer Feature Will Soon Come To Whatsapp, Reveals Android Beta Update

With the evolution of stickers over the years, we can now most definitely say that stickers don’t only have the potential to stand head to head with emojis but within certain contexts of conversation, it can also most definitely speak louder than words.

Moving forward with the similar philosophy, Whatsapp is experimenting with animated stickers in Android beta app.

The report of animated stickers has come through WABetaInfo and according to them users might not have access to the animated stickers pack with the beta version of the app for now but the feature is currently under development. The publication also presented a brief overlook of how the animated stickers will suit Whatsapp with a short video.

Whatsapp updated its existing stickers with the recently released version but the changes looked subtle in terms of appearance or the feature of stickers, while also taking us to the conclusion that Whatsapp will soon come out with a bigger update and that now seem to be animated stickers. Besides that, it is also expected that Whatsapp will add more packs of stickers including ‘Moody Foodies’, ‘Bright Days’, ‘Rico’s Sweet Life’, ‘Playful Piyomaru’ and much more.

This update of stickers is definitely long due because Whatsapp last announced its set of stickers back in 2018. The platform has always been more keen on giving support to third-party sticker packs and therefore they have added very few of their own to be used within the messaging app.

Along with stickers, people have also been waiting for Whatsapp’s dark mode and as per the recent beta app release, that feature too is going through the final stages of development and will be released for all the regular users.

Similarly, WABI also shared details about Account Transfer, a recently added iOS feature on Whatsapp, that allows users to register their "WhatsApp account on a new iPhone device without asking credentials, if iCloud Keychain is enabled."

According to WABI, "WhatsApp is working on a very similar feature [like Account Transfer], but for Android... This feature uses official Google APIs (the documentation is available here) that allow to transfer your WhatsApp data on another device without the need for a new registration!"

These efforts shows Whatsapp wants to come out with a bang again with all the fancy features that you would make you love the app even more!

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