Google competing with Amazon in the smart home market, boasts 500 Million Google Assistant users

Google's voice-controlled digital service, Google assistant, is being used by about 500 Million users around the world every month, claims Manuel Bronstein, Vice President of Product.

Google announced this before the Consumer Electronics Show, where Alexa, Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant, is witnessing an outstanding growth year by year.

The search giant doesn't usually talk about the number of users using its services, although it had shared last year at CES that the Google Assistant can be found on 1 Billion Devices.

Last year, without revealing any numbers said that the users of Google Assistant have increased by four times.

At CES this year, Google announced the new features and improvements in Google Assistant.
"One of the strengths of the Assistant is how we can use our advancements in language understanding and speech to bring helpful features to your phone. Today at CES, we’re previewing a new experience that enables natural reading of long-form content. Unlike traditional screen readers, this experience is built on new voice datasets to create more expressive and more natural sounding voices, so it’s easier to listen for a longer period of time.", announced Google in a blog post

Another new feature called "Scheduled Actions" will be available by the end of this year, and it will allow users to Schedule tasks with Google Assistant, for example, turning on/off a compatible device.

Setting up new IoT devices is now a lot easier, and many new tools from big brands like Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box, D-Link Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight camera, Somfy Tahoma Hub, GE Appliances Ultrafresh Front Load Washer, and many more new devices are compatible with Google Assistant.

You can now create digital sticky notes with the new feature of Google Assistant called "Household Notes". It allows any user to create a note and leave it open for everyone to see without having to sign in.

A speed-dial feature has been introduced for users to add contacts in the list of speed dial and then call the person by just there contact name.

At the tech conference, without giving precise information about the devices on which Google Assistant has being used, Google said that 500 Million stats include all devices like TVs, Smartphones, cars and many more.

A study conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research partners reported a surprising fact that Amazon Echo holds 70% of the smart speakers market in the United States, whereas Google's Home product line stands at 25% of the Market.

Despite being behind in market share, Google still has a significant edge over Amazon because of its occupation in every smartphone.

Google Assistant is available in almost all big Android phone brands, and also can be downloaded via an app in the iPhone.

Google Assistant's easy accessibility is another major factor of its success, most of the Android phone, including the new Google Pixel smartphone series, has Google Assistant as default.

Just a long press of the home button can activate its digital helper.

The Google Assistant is extremely valuable for the company because it provides a single and stable connection between all the gadgets like smartphones, laptops etc.

Sundar Pichai, at an event, said that Google Assistant fits perfectly with the company's strategy of becoming more than just a search engine.

He said that Google is evolving into a company that gets your things done rather than just an organization that find answers.

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