Facebook Giving More Control to Users to Handle Political Ads Instead of Banning them from Its Platform

Facebook is in the news for some time now due to its stance on political ads on the platform. It all started back when Facebook was criticized for its policies to not fact-check political ads for misinformation.

Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg says that they do not feel comfortable in banning politician’s voice on the internet or of those people who wish to lead masses. Zuckerberg believes that these ads must be scrutinized and debated in the public, instead of completely banning them.

A lot of other social media networks including Twitter and TikTok have taken action against the spread of misinformation on their platform, but Facebook seems to be strict in their decision.

The company was also challenged by Elizabeth Warren, who showed a misleading ad on Facebook as a direct challenge to Facebook’s policies, but there have been no steps taken by Facebook as of now to ban them.

Although Facebook is not changing their ‘Warts and All’ approach, but they are giving more control to users over the ads they see on their platform. We already control if we want to see less ads from a particular company or a particular topic, similarly Facebook will now let the users see less political ads over Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook is also launching some new features in its Ads Library along with giving more access to users to see how many users the advertiser was targeting for an ad. You will also see some new filtering tools and library search tools on Facebook.

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas White

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