YouTube is moving towards Mainstream Content, CEO Susan Wojcicki Comments in an Interview

Since the new harassment policies and the case on YouTube based on COPPA violation, content creators are becoming more and more skeptical of using YouTube.

Right now, YouTube is working on becoming more transparent than before to encourage positive and mainstream content on the platform. To comment on this, the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki is interviewing with creators on camera.

Even though she did not give any new details, but she did shed some light on its effort on current issues.

Susan has appeared with Alfie Deyes, Mathew Patrick, Juanpa Zurita, and Prajakta Koli until and her recent interview was with Eugene Lee Yang. It was a 46-minutes long interview in which Susan discussed on several crucial topics along with those that Yang had concerns about.

She specifically commented on the demonetization going on at YouTube along with the COPPA settlement. Apart from it, the harassment policy by YouTube took the center of the stage in the conversation.

Yang asked YouTube’s CEO about radical content in such the political climate and about Wojcicki’s stance on creators whose niche revolves around ideological debates. Yang was curious to know about how YouTube will react to such content, as many studies reported that YouTube holds a radicalized material in it.

Wojcicki clearly said that YouTube reflects on the content and mentioned YouTube’s harassment policies that will change the way political conversations take place on the platform.

Yang also mentioned about a Penn State’s study that concluded YouTube has nothing to do with radicalization. However, it did mention that it possesses an audience that was looking for radical content, but that does not mean that YouTube facilitated them.

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