Here's What YouTube Updated On Its Desktop Version This Month

YouTube never stops improving its service and content. This is why we keep seeing new and modified features on YouTube almost every month. Here are all the details about the improvement and bug fixes that YouTube did on its desktop version.

Queue Videos on Desktop

Now, the users don’t have to open multiple tabs to listen to their playlist. All users have to do is add the videos to the queue to listen to the entire playlist on-the-go, without having to select them again and again. You can also add the playlists in the queue for better feasibility. YouTube also improved the mini player integration along with giving more options to users to control videos. You can find the “Add to Queue” option on the YouTube homepage pretty easily.

Better Mini Player

You do not have to open the whole video on the tab to play, pause, restart or seek the video. You can do it all with the new mini player update without having to open the video on the full screen. Apart from it, if maximizing video from mini-player was an issue for some users, then your prayers have been answered. Now, you can maximize video from the mini player with the expand option on the top left. Forget about interrupting your videos and enjoy them without any interruption.

According to Hazel from TeamYouTube, the bug that would vanish the mini player from the screen when the left-hand guide was used – is now fixed. Also, you can browse feedback and settings page as well without having to close down the mini player.

Playlist Updates

Editing playlists is simpler than before. You can sort videos out and change the playlist privacy without any hassle. You can also invite collaborators, share playlists, and dismiss videos from the Up Next section if that does not interest you.

YouTube also fixed the issues with the ‘remove watched’ and ‘add videos to the playlists’ button.

Some Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

Screen reader was improved to help users see the exact subscriber count, Left navigation menu and channel names. They also resolved the issue with the publish data not appearing and the broken embed code.

YouTube is trying hard to improve its services for great user experience, it is appreciated.

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