Are Search Engine Optimization Managers Still In High Demand? LinkedIn Has The Answer

In the market of professionals where the requirement of companies changes occasionally one thing that is gaining interest in all aspects is the requirement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge.

According to a recent study published by LinkedIn, SEOs are in High demand. The demand is gaining more and more attention from professionals resulting in a new seller’s market with a requirement of search marketing knowledge.

According to the data provided by LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there is a variety of U.S. job openings (47.5K to be exact) with SEO in their requirements.

LinkedIn's research also states that in the seller’s market more than 909K professionals of the U.S. have SEO mentioned in their profiles as a major skill.

This means that more than 20 people have SEO keyword in their profiles for every job which gives a ratio of 20:1.

LinkedIn also revealed a ratio of requirements in a variety of other jobs which displayed that the software engineers has a 10:1 ratio whereas product managers have a 30:1 ratio and the job of designers display a ratio of 23:1 for SEO required as a skill in profiles.

A huge demand for SEO knowledge is clearly displaying that the numbers are in the favor of SEOs.

If we take a deeper look into the data provided by LinkedIn and break it down further it shows that around 26.5k people of LinkedIn have ‘SEO’ word in their job titles and a majority of these people are working in the departments of marketing and advertising.

According to  Eli Schwartz, the majority of the SEO professionals work in small-to-mid-sized companies which consist of 1 to 200 employees.

A small number of SEO professionals are also displayed as self-employed in the data provided by LinkedIn.

The study by LinkedIn clearly suggests that more than 10.5k SEO professionals  are completely new in this field with experience of only 1 to 5 years.

The data displayed in the study posted by LinkedIn also shows that more than 4k professionals have 6-10 years of SEO experience and around 3k professionals in the market have 10+ years of experience of SEO.

The study also highlights that there’s barely enough talent to meet the market demands as for now more than 12k SEO job openings are looking for employees with mid-senior level experiences and above, which means even if an SEO professional with at least 3-years of experience meets the qualification requirement of mid-senior level but still there are around 12.5k professionals with the same skills which give the market place a huge competition.

This reveals gives the SEO professionals a 1:1 ratio in the seller’s market which shows that if you are a professional with SEO skills and experience you are probably in the best industry but you need to be aware about your competition and never underprice yourself just for the sake of a job.

The companies searching for SEO professionals should also prepare themselves for competition while recruiting talent as there is a whole new market of workplaces in the U.S. market with pretty same roll requirements.

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