Latest Android beta app of Google ‘crashed’ when searched for recent messages (Update: Fixed)

The Google Beta app recently received an update – version 10.89.9. Initially, the update seemed pretty normal – until users took on to Reddit and complained about their apps crashing.

According to reports, the Google app became unresponsive when users searched for messages in their app.

We tried experimenting on our Android devices and were able to find the issue in some – but not all. It seems that the issue is widespread. However, it is not affecting all the devices and only becomes apparent when queries are made related to messages – for example, ‘my messages’, ‘where are my message’ or ‘find this message.’

We also observed that the bug is not affecting Google Assistant, which is able to read messages as usual.

As of this writing, there was no patch issued for this problem. However, we can hope that the issue will be resolved soon. For the time-being, you can also downgrade the app by resetting your device to a factory version of the phone by going to the Settings tab and downloading the most stable version from third party APK stores.

Update: On December 24, we checked that in the latest version (i.e of app, Google has fixed the annoying crashing problem when we search for any keyword related to messages.

Want to crash Google app on your Android smartphone? Just search 'my messages'.

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