40+ Packaging, Clothes and Cosmetic Mockup Templates You Can Download and Customize for Free

The main design feature is that the design does not end in the appearance. Looking at the result of design work, we can see only the picture, but the designer usually – a ton of work behind it. The designer constructs the world for the user, make it convenient and beautiful. The responsibility of a designer is not only to create a product, but also to present it correctly and show that it can be useful.

Often designers want to show their works in a beautiful and interesting way, but it is not always possible to do this by showing the product itself. The presentation could be much more interesting if the product seems to be put on real things or used on product labels. Just exactly talking about this, the mockups are needed.

Mockups are handy for getting approval from interested parties that aren’t involved in the development and design. Due to the visual nature, the mockup is perceived more easily than low-detailed artefacts, and at the same time, it is created faster than the prototype. They are good for collecting feedback and can be used in the documentation.

Design today has become one of the key success factors for many companies, both approved market leaders and fast-growing startups. Let’s identify important aspects of using such products as mockups.

Types of preliminary works

It is important to understand that mockups, wireframes and prototypes are not the same things. See what graphic design offers us right now:

1. First, Sketch – it is the initial instant sketch from the hand of what is wandering into the head.

Pexels / Picjumbo

2. Then, Wireframe (block diagram) – is a diagram or drawing representing the "skeleton" of the page of a site or application. No decorations, just the location and approximate sizes of headings, text blocks, illustrations, multimedia and navigation panels.

Unsplash / New Data Services

3. Be attentive that Prototype is a model for testing a concept or process. Images can be inserted, colour tones appear, etc.

Pexels / Pixabay

4. And finally, the Mockup is a specially prepared file on which you can place your design on real objects. They are needed to show how the design will look in real life. Usually, this is a PSD file with a smart object, on which the picture with the design is inserted.


Smart Objects

It is important to know, that working with Smart objects is a good idea for every designer to save time. In essence, a smart object is a container whose changes do not affect the object inside. You can stretch, reduce, and apply effects without losing the quality of the picture or font. By default, by the way, all pictures that are dragged into the Photoshop become smart objects.

There is one more important aspect. Look at the picture above. The 1st one is the original image. The second one was reduced 10 times and then increased to its original size again. One can easily see that the quality has deteriorated. The same goes for all the fonts and effects. In order to avoid this, it is worth turning all the elements into smart objects.

Using Mockups

We are sure that using mockup is a very simple task.

- Just download the desired PSD, open it and look for a layer with the approximate name dedicated to the design inside or something similar.

- Double-click on the icon of the smart layer - a new window opens, where you need to drag your pattern or picture.

- After that, close this window by selecting "Yes" when asked whether to save.

- Now everything in the source file, your picture is distorted and fits into the object. At any time, the picture can be replaced or moved, again repeating all the steps above.

Now there is a huge amount of resources where you can find Premium and Free PSD mockups for your own needs to show your work in the best light. Here are some resources where you can find some good mockups for free.


In this collection, you can see several good examples of Mockups for creating packaging advertisement easily and quickly. All the free PSD packaging mockups are qualitative and were taken from professional resources. More packaging mockups for free you can download here.

1) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-food-packaging-mockup-templates-in-psd/

2) https://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/psd-packaging-box-rectangular

3) https://mockupfree.co/product/paper-tube-2-free-psd-mockups

4) https://www.mockupworld.co/free/black-paper-shopping-bag-mockup/

5) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-metallic-bottle-mockups/

6) https://gumroad.com/l/boxsetlite/freelite

7) https://mockupfree.co/product/square-boxes-2-free-psd-mockups

8) https://www.behance.net/gallery/81566253/Packaging-Mockup-Freebie-Min-No1

9) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-ceramic-beer-bottle-mockups/

10) https://www.ls.graphics/free/free-bag-mockup-scene

11) https://mockupfree.co/product/kraft-paper-bag-mockup-3-free-psd-mockups

12) https://www.designcuts.com/product/versatile-font-and-branding-mockup/

13) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-chocolate-bar-mockup-templates-in-psd/

14) https://www.graphicsfuel.com/2019/05/energy-drink-can-psd-mockup/

15) https://mockupfree.co/product/paper-bag-free-psd-mockup


Free PSD clothes mockups will be great for products owners, for graphic designers to create presentations and for many other ideas dedicated to design. There we have collected some successful examples of free PSD mockups with clothes and accessories. You can find more free mockups here.

1) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-psd-baseball-cap-mockup-template/

2) http://unisono.altervista.org/

3) https://mockupfree.co/product/clothing-free-psd-mockup

4) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-mens-tank-top-long-t-shirts-mockup/

5) https://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/psd-tote-bag-fabric-mockup-vol4

6) https://www.behance.net/gallery/70466195/Free-Shorts-MockUp

7) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-hanging-t-shirt-mock-up-in-psd/

8) https://mockupfree.co/product/flip-flop-slipper-free-psd-mockup

9) https://justfuji.com/project/free-t-shirt-mockup/

10) https://mockupfree.co/product/womens-tank-top-long-psd-mockups


If you want to find some special free cosmetic mockups for your business and advertisement, check this interesting set of free mockup templates in PSD that will be great for promoting cosmetic products, logos and any kind of cosmetic branding identity. Download more free cosmetic mockups in PSD here (https://mockupfree.co/cosmetics).

1) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-psd-cosmetics-packaging-mockup-template/

2) https://mockupfree.co/product/cosmetic-bottle-2-free-psd-mockups

3) https://www.behance.net/gallery/88195713/FREE-PERFUME-MOCKUP

4) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-psd-cosmetic-bottle-mockup-set/

5) https://www.behance.net/gallery/87694459/FREE-Perfume-Business-Card-Mockup

6) https://mockupfree.co/product/cosmetics-set-free-psd-mockup

7) https://gumroad.com/l/DeMii

8) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-psd-medicine-bottle-mockup-template/

9) https://www.behance.net/gallery/80769001/Perfume-MockupFree-Version

10) https://mockupfree.co/product/tube-mockup-3-free-psd-mockups

11) https://www.behance.net/gallery/79760445/Cosmetic-Tube-MockupFree-Version

12) https://free-psd-templates.com/free-psd-cosmetic-jar-mockup-set/

13) https://www.behance.net/gallery/79214521/Hairlover-Bottle-Mockup-FREE

14) https://mockupfree.co/product/cosmetics-bottle-2-free-psd-mockups

15) https://www.designcuts.com/product/textures-and-patterns-and-cosmetic-packaging-mockup/

The article is provided by Yulia Ignatova, the manager from Free PSD Templates. Thank you for your time!
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