Samsung finally puts an end to the three-month wait: Rolls out update for Android 10

They say ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and perhaps the same proverb was on the mind of Samsung Company when it finally decided to update their flagship smartphone to the latest version of Android – Android 10 after a long-awaited wait of 3 months.

Android 10 was introduced on September 3 with the first devices completing the update process on November 26.

However, it took the South Korean multinational conglomerate around 86 days to begin the rollout of Android 10 to its elite user base. And even now, it will take some time for the updates to fully reach the regular Samsung users.

According to reports by SamMobile, Samsung is starting the update protocol with Exynos-powered Galaxy S10s in some European and Asian countries only.

This means that the users of North America, South America, and China will have to continue their wait as Samsung devices in these areas are shipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and the company is yet to issue an update for these units.

If we make calculations according to last year’s update, it will take Samsung approximately 40 more days to bring out the update to its US user base. The consumers with Samsung’s direct ‘unlocked’ device are at the last of the line and get their updates during the final round.

In fact, last year, the users of unlocked devices had to wait 55 days for their devices to update.

Nevertheless, we can expect most devices to start getting their updates by ‘January’ – if issues with SoC and carriers don’t arise in between.

Interestingly, the update timeline for this year is a lot better than last year. In 2018, it took the company 141 days to ship the Android 9 Pie update so it seems like Samsung is generally improving in this area.

And Google is also assisting the company by introducing features like Project Treble that makes updating easy and efficient. In fact, Google credited its Project Treble in a recent blog post and claimed that it is helping improve the whole ecosystem by rolling out faster updates for the benefit of users.

Of course, this does not put Samsung off the hook, who continues to top the list as one of the worst vendors to roll out Android updates in a timely manner. In comparison, competitors like Google and Apple offer day-one updates for their OS on most major models. Other vendors also have the updates ready within a few weeks of rollout by Android.

Now finally Samsung is also up from its nap and users of their flagship model can expect updated versions soon.

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