Samsung smartphones take first position in the market, Huawei second and Apple stands on third: Gartner

Gartner has released data regarding the third quarter of the year and the results are not quite surprising. One day or another, it was expected.

The data shows that smartphone market faces a decline of 0.4% when compared to the last year. As per smartphone companies, people are becoming more and more concerned about getting value for money.

Samsung sold around 79 million phones, securing a market share of 20.4% in this quarter. Not to forget that Samsung’s market share was only 18.9% in the past year in the same quarter.

On the second position stands Huawei with more than 10 million phones sold by the company. Huawei is still banned in the U.S. and the company is not allowed to use American products including Windows and Android. Huawei is urged to introduce their own software and integral parts of smartphones to stop relying on American products. Surprisingly, the ban has not influenced Huawei to touch the skies.

Huawei holds a market share of around 17% in 2019, which has raised from 13.4% in 2018. If anything U.S. ban has done to Huawei it is to bring them a good fortune! Not to mention, it is the only global smartphone company that has gained such growth in the market.

Now coming to Apple that stands on the third position in the market. They share a market share of 10.5% with only 40 million units sold this quarter. When compared to the last year, Apple sold about 145.7 million phones in 2018’s same quarter.

Today, people are more inclined to purchase value for money instead of buying the same smartphone in a bigger size. Apart from it, Apple’s new phone launches are not as favorable as one might think. If a person has an iPhone 7+ working perfectly, then why would he/she wants to go for an iPhone 11 for only a bigger size?

This is certainly only possible for people who are looking for continuous phone updates, but that is a small portion of users!

With holidays coming, more people will look forward to upgrading their phones that could boost up the whole smartphone market. Google & Samsung is also looking forward to introducing discounts on its latest models as a holiday gift for its customers.

Hope iPhone gain its old position again, but that’s a far-sighted vision!

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