The Most Appealing Platform for Game Developers in 2019 [Chart]

No doubt developing team plays a significant role to make video gaming platform successful. The UBM (the company that arranges the yearly Game Developers Conference), provides a glimpse into the gaming industry and delineates industry trends ahead of GDC 2019 in March.

Of course, the PC is the foremost choice of many developers. The survey shows that out of 4,000, about 66 percent developers prefer doing work on those games that are releasing on PCs. Hence the majority of the developers consider that PCs as the most attractive gaming platform. After PCs, Playstation 4 is the second best choice for game developers. About 31 percent are utilizing Playstation 4 at this time. Whereas another platform Nintendo Switch is also an attractive platform for game developers, even it is beating the previously mentioned platform PS4, but its small user base makes the developers less interested.
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Nowadays users spend more and more time playing games on their mobile phones. About 33 percent of the developers believe that mobile devices are most excited platforms to working on, in this year. Smartphone games are based on comparatively less effort and more installation bass that make it more attractive and helpful for developers.

The Most Important Gaming Platforms in 2019 - infographic
Chart courtesy of Statista.

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