Now you can’t use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account

Facebook has finally removed the option to use Messenger without Facebook account, as first reported by VentureBeat.

In the previous versions, New users using the Messenger or Messenger Lite app could also use their phone numbers for Messengers instead of Facebook accounts but now they need a Facebook account to login to Messenger and chat with friends and close connections.

According to the company spokesperson, the vast majority of Facebook users already use Messenger by logging through their Facebook accounts and the social app wanted to simplify the process for its users by enabling signing up for Messenger via Facebook account.

This new change won’t apply to the existing Messenger users who are using the platform without Facebook accounts.

As stated by the Messenger users who use this app without logging into their Facebook accounts, they’ve encountered an error message indicating that their account has been restricted.

On the other hand, social media app researcher Jane Manchun Wong noted that Facebook Messenger is also removing the ability to find someone by entering their phone number.

At first, Facebook rolled out the sign up for Messenger sans account in June 2015 for users residing in the U.S., Canada, Peru, and Venezuela.

Login identification also included photos and names in addition to phone numbers.

This new changed of Facebook login requirement for Messenger is expected to anticipate various messaging profiles of Facebook including WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

According to the report from The New York Times in January, the technical infrastructure including all the three services is expected to be integrated to potentially redefine the concept of communication for three billion people.

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active monthly users whereas Messenger and Instagram have more than 1.3 billion and 1 billion active monthly users, respectively.

Earlier this year, Facebook’s CEO Mark, Zuckerberg revealed the plans of Facebook to shift towards an end-to-end encrypted and more ephemeral messaging system for its users.

The social networking Facebook is aiming at a platform that can enable users to use any of the apps to communicate across networks more easily and securely.

According to the announcement by Zuckerberg, he is planning to make it possible for its users to send messages to their contacts by using any of its services and can also extend that interoperability to SMS too.

This doubling down on messaging could mean a great deal of profit for Facebook by recruiting businesses and brands to message users about promotions.

Most social media users prefer a secure platform where they can share anything without the fear of being monitored and today we can see that the online communication platforms are growing more in the areas of private messages, ephemeral stories, and small groups.

If you take a look at the Future of the internet, privacy-focused communication platforms will be gaining more importance as compared to the open platforms so yes, this new initiation by Facebook for more secured conversations is totally a lucrative decision by the social media platform which is going to help in the long run.

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