Facebook is Reportedly Devising Age Restrictions for Public Events!

One thing that all social media services can agree on is that the focus on children’s online privacy and protection has only increased in 2019. Several rules and regulations concerning the subject have been devised and heavy penalties have been set for the violators.

Keeping that in mind, various social networking services have attempted to tweak their settings in order to fit the bill. The latest tweak has been done by none other than the social media king itself, Facebook!

According to renowned app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is reportedly working on Age Restrictions/Kid Friendly settings for Public Events. Wong also added a screenshot (featured below) with her tweet from which we can get a better idea about the upcoming change.

While scheduling a public event, user will be asked to choose if the event they are about to add is friendly for kids, limited to people 18 and beyond or to those aged 21 or above. Once the user selects the most suitable option and publishes the event, only those will be able to attend or show interest in it who fall in the specified age bracket.

Although Facebook has a lot of ground left to cover when it comes to protecting underage users on its platform, this latest change is surely a step in the right direction. As of now, there is no news regarding when this option will go live. However, it shouldn’t take long. Stay tuned for further updates.

Facebook is working on Age Restrictions / Kid Friendly settings for Public Events

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