Study: 78 Percent People Forget Their Passwords And Then Go For Reset!

It won’t be wrong to say that our life on digital media these days rely on passwords. Hence, while the purpose of passwords is to protect your account, we have reached that point in time where in return we are supposed to give the right protection to our passwords as well. But we are failing at that!

If you are still confused about the point that we have just stated above or even in the title, then according to the research conducted by HYPR in the last two and a half years all around the United States and Canada, the statistics show that internet users have been absolutely careless in managing their passwords; both in personal life and at work.

Diving deep into the study, 78% of the 500 respondents accepted that they had to reset the passwords for one personal account in the last 90 days of their calendars. 57%, on the other hand, claimed that they had to go for password reset of their work account.

Another worrying statistics revealed that 65% of the users rely on digital and physical lists when it comes to managing their password and despite the heavy advertisements, only 30% had password managers installed on their devices.

When users were obliged to reset the password, 49% of the respondents said that they used the same phrase with little changes here and there so that the password should remain easy to remember.

Password reuse was another issue being reported with the same study as only 28% of the people were smart enough to create unique password, whereas 72% used the same password for every account.

This goes to show that people still go with the traditional attitude for passwords and that is of “keeping important information out of memory but that can easily be accessed at the same time”. People are just not willing to rely on technology, even when it is created to help them manage their passwords well. Much of this can be due to how people just not have enough knowledge regarding how to use them or they just treat the password managers as third party and not trust them.

Going even worst, 35% of the users keep their passwords in unprotected files such as Excel spreadsheets or text documents stored onto their computers.

78% of People Had to Reset a Password They Forgot in Past 90 Days

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