New Versions of Circuits Can Operate With Little to No Electricity

In order for your computer or smartphone to work, electricity needs to be fed through its circuits. This has worked rather well for several years but there are quite a few problems associated with this. The electricity being used often comes from unsustainable resources, and another thing to keep in mind is that this generates quite a bit of heat and if you calculate the total heat generated it actually leads to a fairly notable amount, one that contributes significantly to the threat of global warming and climate change.

Researchers have been working on a way to get computers to run without electricity for quite some time now, and some of the new circuits they are developing might be able to do just that. Instead of electricity, the new circuits that are being developed will use magnetism, that is according to massachusetts institute of technology (MIT).

You see, any material that has magnetic properties and conforms to a lattice shape would have electrons that undergo a “spin wave”, a quantum property that is going to be utilized to make these circuits function as well as possible. These spin waves can be modulated and controlled, and when they produce an output that can be measured and quantified you would be able to compute data with them.

This is a highly advanced form of technology that gives an indication of where computing is headed. Soon we might have computers that don’t need a huge amount of electricity to function. It is important that we slowly reduce our energy needs because of the fact that it is leading to the destruction of our planet. While electricity free circuits are just one small step in the right direction, they are regardless a heartening occurrence and a sign that things just might end up getting better after years of getting increasingly worse.

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