Half Of Local Business Websites Have Less Than 500 Monthly Visitors

Google Analytics study for local businesses found out that a site has almost 414 monthly users on average. Almost half of the traffic is through organic search.

The Google Analytics data of around 11,000 websites from various industries (and countries including Australia, Canada, UK and US and) were analyzed by BrightLocal.

According to the study, 13% of the local business websites receive less than 100 visitors in a month. Almost 55% of the sites have less than 500 visitors. On the other side, 20% of the local business sites have 1500 visitors per month, whereas 15% get more than 2500 visitors monthly

The number of visitors depends upon the industry and the country. Industries like car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, local stores, and education sites have the most number of visitors. However, repairs, legal and marketing industry websites do not have many visitors.

Websites in medical, education, real estate, and hotel industries usually get a fair amount of organic traffic than other industries.

The study also found out that average local business websites have 2.17 pages per session. Whereas, mobile visitors visit 1.88 pages per session on average. Around 54% of the websites have not set their goals on Google Analytics.

Also, on average a local business website receives 1,099 page views in a month. A session usually lasts for 96 seconds on a local business website and have an average bounce rate of 60.23%. the marketing industry has the most number of bounce rates.

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