Android May Lift Its 4GB Data Limit For Video Recording

Google is fast in different things. Its search engine is too good but, at the same time, its operating system is not that fast. Other tech giants are moving ahead to let users save bigger videos, Android 10 does not permit its users to make videos larger than 4GB. That's the reason why phones, like Pixel 4, starts making another video after 12 minutes. The reason is that a video occupies the size of 32 bytes after 12 minutes and the phone starts making another video automatically. Therefore, there would be 7 videos in Google photos if it would be 73 minutes long.

However, it will not be the case any more. According to XDADevelopers blog and a new commit, Google will remove this limitation in Android 11 and allow users to make videos of more than 32 bytes (4K) in one go. It is expected that the new model will be launched in March 2020 as Android 10 was introduced in March 2019.

Google introduced the limitation of making the video not more than 32 bytes in 2014 when SD cards were used commonly and users did not need large memory cards and space to save data. The limitation was on MPEG4Writer and MediaMuxer.

Right now, there are rumours that limit will increase by 64 bytes because Google thinks that it is difficult to reach this limit for users. The company has tested the rumoured development by combining videos via the above-mentioned software and made one video which occupied complete space of the device. The video played successfully.

2020 seems to be an era of development in video making as Xiaomi and Samsung are going to allow users to make a video up to 8K and Google's Android is expected to please users with the discussed development.

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