Facebook Is Dying For Generation Z - An Overview of Stats Proving It Yet Again!

We have heard it multiple times and the company is well aware of it now; Facebook is losing its market big time. In fact as a proof of it, if you look around your circle, you would most definitely meet people who are just not interested in using the platform anymore.

For more valuable statistics, we also saw Edison Research’s The Infinite Dial study in the year 2019 showing that there are only 62% of users on Facebook now that falls in the age group of 12-34 years old. It’s definitely a significant decrease when we compare it with 67% in 2018 and 79% in 2017. On the other hand, people who fall in between 35-54 and 55+, they have been constant in numbers or for some time have even increased.

If we look at the theories behind the downfall of Facebook, especially for millennial or Generation Zers, then some say it has been due to the increased competition in the form of more mobile and visual-friendly platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. If not so, then others have great concern how the company is always involved in privacy scandals.

Going into the depth of Facebook’s decline, TechCrunch (TC) conducted a survey with the help of 115 Accelerated campus ambassadors - which included a detailed overview of how they are using Facebook today. However, bear in mind that the group TC selected had older Gen Z-ers (ranging from 18-24 years old). So, results can be different for younger teens.

When analyzing the overall penetration, 99% of the respondents still had Facebook accounts. While you may not also believe it at first, but 59% are using Facebook every day whereas, 32% choose to use it on a weekly basis. However, just when we compare the daily usage of Facebook with Instagram, that is where it loses the race as daily Instagram users are 82% and weekly 7%.

Moreover, that's not all, data scouting from TechCrunch also confirmed that the shift in the usage of Facebook by younger teens have been particularly dramatic. 62% in the study claimed that they have been less frequent with Facebook for the last two years, 11% were more frequent now and 23% said that nothing has changed for them when we talk about usage.

There were also further underlying surprises when looking at what college students are using Facebook for. Back in the time, when we were in high school or college in 2010, our friends used to post their content via statuses, photos or videos. But today, very few students broadcast content or post onto the walls of other friends. Only 5% of the respondents said they upload photos on Facebook, 4% enjoyed posting pictures on friends’ walls whereas only 3.5% like posting statuses.

As this raises many questions, one of the most important ones is based on what can be the way forward for Facebook to tackle all the challenges involved in the form of engagement, usage and even privacy. We cannot undermine the platform as Facebook was the one that changed the social media world forever.

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