Consumers Are Concerned & Confused About Online Data Privacy - Survey Proves!

We have been constantly hearing about it - the matters of online privacy and personal data protection. It is the hot topic for discussion everywhere and fortunately enough, consumers are finally very much concerned about keeping their private things safe. However, with all the goodness, a lot of awareness still has to be done so that people could demand more and know everything about keeping their personal data online.

Today we have come up with statistics that really concludes a lot of important points related to whether people really care about online privacy or they are just going with the wind.

To start things off, Tealium has conducted a research on 1000 U.S adults and the results show a whopping 97% respondents who are deeply concerned about the protection of their data on the internet. But when they were asked about the measures that they take to eliminate the chances of data breach, the condition was slightly opposite.

With the same token, 62% of the respondents accepted that they don’t read online terms and privacy policies. 70% had not even heard of GDPR and CCPA, along with 38% lying that they do read the policies. Now if analyze both the stats together, then it highlights the confusion and carelessness of the consumers.

Consumers Want Strict Privacy Regulations, But They Are Good With Deals As Well

91% of people had hopes from the government to adopt strict regulations for the protection of data. Whereas, 59% people were also of the opinion that companies are doing a good job when it comes to handling their data. 71% were adamant on the fact that full control over personal data isn’t possible while 43% accepted bluntly that they would give personal detail to the retailer for getting good discount.

Now these numbers and data from other surveys represent another most important fact that while generally consumers care about their privacy online but they are also ready to compromise on it in certain contexts.

How Should Brands Move Forward With Privacy

The Tealium report holds some useful tips for brands and retailers if they want to showcase their privacy policies in the right way and gain the trust of customers. If we go by the report, then results also state that 72% of people would read privacy policies if they are a bit shorter, 61% wish for more ‘straight-forward’ policies and 45% were curious about how brands use their personal data.

As stated earlier, the Tealium survey serves as an indication of how people are confused about privacy. But on the brighter side, CCPA will come into effect in less than a month and another survey by BritePool shows that 87% of respondents would select “DO NOT SELL MY DATA OPTION” if they ever see it upon opening a website.

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