Are Internet Users more Concerned about Sharing a Certain Personal Data Type than Others?

The topic of online privacy is a sensitive one among the internet users. Banking, shopping, studying, interacting with others etc. almost everything has shifted online. Even though it has made our lives easier, it’s quite difficult to make up our minds before sharing our personal data with any company or website.

What type of personal data is required by a company or website depends on its nature of services. Some may require medical records and others can ask for financial details. So, this begs the question “Are people more concerned about sharing a certain data type as compared to others?”

Well, to answer this question, around 4,302 internet users (aged between 16 and 64) from the US and UK were surveyed by GlobalWebIndex a couple of months ago. They were asked to name the data types possessing the potential to reveal their day-to-day activities.

43% of the respondents said that personal details (name, address, phone number etc.) are the most revealing of all the data types. 43% also called financial details (income, debt level etc.) as the most revealing. Location data, online browsing habits and IP address took the 3rd, 4th and 5th spots with 40%, 33% and 29% respectively.

Photos, medical records, spending habits and social media activity history were also voted by the survey respondents as revealing data types among others.

Taking the last spot on the chart in question was professional information (19%). This indicates that only about one in every five internet users consider professional information to be the type of data that doesn’t reveal too much about their day-to-day activities. Fair play!

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