Dual Axis: Find out why People can't Stop Talking about the Best illusion of 2019!

If you think that you have seen everything this year, you are in for a major surprise!

Say hello to Dual Axis, an optical illusion so good that it will confuse and sooth you at the same time. For those of you unaware, Neural Correlate Society runs a yearly contest to determine the world’s best illusion. This year, Dual Axis emerged as the winner. The illusion is basically a series of twisting rings that seem to move counterclockwise, clockwise, up, down… based on how you are viewing it.

A game developer belonging to Austin, Texas named Frank Force should be credited as the illusion’s creator. He has worked on various projects including DOOM and Starhawk. He decided to leave his job around a year ago to pursue greener pastures.

According to Force, it took him a day to code the program of Dual Axis in JavaScript and that the programming part was easy but deciding the best presentation pattern took him a while. He has also uploaded the code on GitHub for others to study it.

Force also revealed that he has been thoroughly analyzing tiny coding with JavaScript as of late. He thinks of it as a type of art where small programs can be coded for generating interesting stuff.

He uploaded over 600 coding pieces this year to Dwitter (a site that collects Javascript projects). Every upload’s content should be contained within 140 characters. Force said that he has experimented with various kinds of projects from art to music and games. Because of his impressive contribution to Dwitter, he had to build a dedicated database to keep track of his dweets.

The idea of creating Dual Axis popped up in Force’s mind while he was experimenting with Lissajous curves (an equation system which generates complex harmonic action). Force believed that with the right blend of focus and dedication, he could make the system rotate around any axis. After thoroughly researching on and experimenting with it, the masterpiece known as Dual Axis came into existence.

Force touts the Dual Axis as being a hypnotic, soothing and eye-catching illusion. He also relates it with the metaphor of seeing things from different perspectives.

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