Apple Just Dedicated a New Research Team to Develop New Ways to Transfer iPhone Data Through Satellite Technology

Apple is a tech giant known for its most secured devices as compared to competitors and the company always tries to bring out innovative ways to stand out in society.

Apple is reportedly working a new technology so that it can send data to the iPhone directly without having any sort of problems.

According to Bloomberg, Apple already built a research team aimed to only look for new ways to transfer the data to iPhones similar to internet connectivity.

The research team of Apple consists of a dozen engineers from the aerospace, antenna design industries, and satellite as well all aiming to provide Apple some new ways to transfer data and all within five years.

According to the sources of Bloomberg, Apple is planning to send data to iPhones directly through satellites instead of any other form of communication.

The reason behind Apple beaming data to the iPhone is to reduce the dependency of the iPhone devices on wireless carriers for any sort of data transfer.

Now with this plan Communicating without a cellular network can be made possible.

If the research times find some new ways to transfer data, this can surely help to link various devices together without facing the coverage issues, etc.

The success of this project would mean that iPhone users could easily communicate with each other without any need for cellphone carrier data networks and for this purpose Apple is also expected to explore the technology of satellite for more improved and precised location tracking results for its devices with more improved maps and advanced features for its users.

According to the reports, this new project is now a major priority of the company as stated by the Apple CEO Tim Cook and for this new concept, Apple is already hiring a variety of more software and hardware experts in the team for more broad view results from various fields of the tech industry.

According to the report, from 2017, two of the Google executives John Fenwick and Michael Trela who used to lead Google’s satellite and spacecraft operations were now hired by Apple for this new project.

Back in 2017, the aim behind hiring Google executives was pretty unclear but now according to the news reports from Bloomberg Fenwick and Trela will be leading the team of Satellites and some relevant wireless technology.

Well if you ask us, we are pretty unsure about the accuracy of this new connection-level provided by Apple’s satellite technology as compared to the fast ground-based network but this new way to transfer data can become really handy in the places where network coverage is difficult.

So the new way of communication won’t be depending on the local infrastructure which means that iPhone users can transfer data without cellular network but this also gives iPhone users the option to fallback with less data-intensive tasks like texting and calling through cellular networks.

This new project is in an early stage for now so no promises as it can be abandoned as well but if successfully complete it can totally change the concept of communicating through cellular networks forever.

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