Twitter fixed the bug, app is updated and ensured that no profile is harmed

Twitter faced vulnerability recently which the company fixed yesterday. According to a blog post, there was a bug in Twitter which could be used by attacker to get personal information of private accounts and DM them or tweet from their accounts.

Although, it was dangerous and could be used to hack location of an account holder, the company ensured in an announcement that the bug was not used to hack profiles and accounts. The team explained that bad actors can insert a code in the storage areas of Twitter app to hijack users. However, the company promised to inform companies if their accounts are hacked.

Fortunately iOS Twitter app is safe from any malicious activity; however, Web version and Google Play Store’s Twitter application has been updated. Users are advised to update their application if their Twitter is not updated automatically in order to keep their profiles away from being hacked. Users are encouraged to contact data protection team if they want help or have any query.

The micro-blogging network which is famous for news content has boasted multi-factor authentication, to curb hacking and attacks.

Hacking is a serious problem. Attackers and haters use social media to hack accounts of public figures via SIM swapping, a method to target known personalities. Recently, Jack Dorsey’s profile was hacked via this method.

We hope more ethical security researchers will help become digital world a safer space for everyone.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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