Twitter CEO Commends Instagram for Testing a Much-Needed Change for its Platform!

Over the last year, Instagram has been conducting tests in different countries such as Italy, Australia and Ireland. These tests are about hiding the like count from a user’s post to make the platform less competitive. Now, Instagram will be conducting the same test in USA as well, but only a small portion of the country’s Instagram users will be roped in for now.

The one who publishes the post will still be able to see the number of likes on it but their followers won’t be able to see the same.

Surprisingly, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to voice his appreciation. He retweeted Adam Mosseri’s tweet about the US test and added “Great step”.

Dorsey has been found lashing out at Facebook (Instagram’s owner) lately. Last month, he called out Mark Zuckerberg for allowing political ads packed with lies to run on the platform. Dorsey also announced Twitter’s decision to impose a ban on political ads. This happened on the day when Facebook’s financial performance in the third-quarter was reported.

The Twitter Co-founder has also made fun of Facebook’s modified corporate logo “FACEBOOK” in a tweet.

However, he has indicated in the past that he is evaluating the importance and effect of retweet and like counts as well. As of now, there are no plans to eliminate the like or retweet button and Twitter has confirmed it as well. However, how these metrics can be altered in a way so that they contribute in making the platform healthy is definitely in the talks.

Coming back to Instagram, Adam Mosseri spoke at the #Wired25 tech conference last week and shed some light on the significance of Instagram’s decision. He said that the move concerns young people. The idea is to help people in connecting with the things and people that they love instead of making them feel that they are in some sort of competition with their peers.

Mosseri further said that what the move really means is that a public speaker’s interest will not be placed before a certain 15 year old kid’s. People will be put before corporations and organizations.

Photo: NBC

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