Third Party Apps Accessed Users Data Due to Improper Configuration, Revealed Facebook, Twitter

Facebook and Twitter recently announced that the personal data of hundreds of users have been attained by certain apps as they improperly accessed to them. The developers gathered the personal data of users through Android apps.

It has been found that the One Audience, a software development kit gave access to the third party apps to attain the user’s personal data. The data includes usernames, recent tweets, and email addresses.

Giant Square and Photofy are one of such apps that collected the user information without their permission. Researchers also proposed that this vulnerability might allow one person to take control of another person’s Twitter account, but there is no proof is this happened.

Twitter believed that this news needs to reach out to people for their utmost protection from such security breaches. Twitter will also let those people know who were affected by this issue.

Google and Apple were also acknowledged of the issue so that they can help in tackling it. Most social media apps are going through extensive scrutiny by the lawmakers, which calls out for them to take actions when such incidents are reported.

A lot of users have been affected by this breach, which means misuse of users’ personal data. It is yet to see what these tech-giants will do to overcome this issue.

Photo: SOPA Images | Getty Images

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