Digital Assistants are dumb! Google assistant proves itself less dumb than others as usual

As the time is passing, more and more people are becoming regular user of virtual assistants to know about weather, news and get some basic updates but it doesn’t mean that Google and Alexa are improving day by day. In fact, overall (excluding a few digital assistants) their progress is declining.

According to the recent report of Perficient Digital, top smart assistants including Google, Alexa and Cortana are giving answers of less questions correctly this year as compared to last two years in which Google Assistant scored more than 89 percent, Siri 80 percent and Alexa and Cortana 90 percent. However, this year the scores are changed. Google Assistant is able to score 89 percent of questions correctly whereas Alexa, Siri and Cortana dropped to 79, 70 and 53 percent this year.

The assistants or tech-helpers are at times failed to give accurate answers or the desired answers. Take an example of a test in which Cortana was asked to tell about sales tax of California. Instead of giving point to point and valid answer, the helper provided basic information about city in which population and area was discussed. Similarly, when Google Assistant was questioned about world’s oldest city, it was unable to answer it. Later it try to answer it Damascus but it turned out not exactly correct.

Thus, it shows that companies are required to improve their voice assistants so that users can be helped in a better way by getting correct and required information. Yet, the companies are do not needed to worry about losing users and people because technology is now part of life. According to Perficient, it is estimated that users of voice assistants will be increased by eight million in 2023.

Therefore, they are advised to improve their features and keep their users and people satisfied.

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