New Google Maps Feature Will Make Traveling a Lot Easier

One of the major benefits that technology has provided to the world is that it has made things — that used to be rather tricky — so easy that you wouldn’t think twice about them. Take traveling for example. When you are in a city that you are not familiar with or indeed a foreign country, you can just use Google maps to get around, thereby making it possible for you to truly enjoy the experience a great deal more than you would have if you did not have such a service to help you out.

A new update is coming to Google Maps that is going to make traveling around even easier than it was before. Have you ever been walking through a foreign city and come across a place that you’re not quite sure how to pronounce the name of? If you want to go to this place you will have to get in a taxi and tell the driver where you are headed, and if you butcher the pronunciation too much you might not be able to communicate where it is that you want to go, not to mention the fact that you might end up getting laughed at which obviously no one is going to enjoy.
"To help, we're bringing Google Maps and Google Translate closer together. This month, we’re adding a new translator feature that enables your phone to speak out a place's name and address in the local lingo. Simply tap the new speaker button next to the place name or address, and Google Maps will say it out loud, making your next trip that much simpler. And when you want to have a deeper conversation, Google Maps will quickly link you to the Google Translate app.", announced Laszlo de Brissac, Product Manager, Google Maps, in a blog post. Adding further, "The new feature will be rolling out this month on Android and iOS with support for 50 languages and more on the way."
This is also going to help you learn a little bit about the local culture as well since pronunciations matter a lot and part of the local culture is all about how people say certain words. All in all, people that travel a lot whether for business or pleasure are going to be very glad about this feature coming in to play, and it also makes you think about what exciting directions Google’s technology will end up going in as more time goes by and it gets more and more advanced.

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