Influencers Are the Future of Marketing According to Aspire IQ

One of the major impacts that the internet has had on the world is that it has undoubtedly made the world of marketing a lot more different than it used to be. Now with marketing becoming such a big part of how the internet works and how companies earn money on this platform, a lot of research is going into finding out exactly what kinds of marketing are going to work best based on how people are interacting with promotional campaigns on the internet.

According to a report recently published by Aspire IQ, it seems like influencers are going to continue to be major players in the world of online marketing. A brand will spend an average of over six thousand dollars on an influencer campaign but they will receive a return of well over 400% on that investment, thereby making it pretty clear that influencers are the way to go.

The manner in which influencers are being used is changing, however. Macro or mid-tier influencers (creators who have around 50K to 300K followers) were once considered the best options if you wanted to market a product, but the problem with them is that the internet is slowly becoming ambivalent to them because of the fact that they are starting to find them to be rather disingenuous all in all.

As a result of this fact, micro influencers are starting to get more attention from brands that are trying to market their products. These influencers don’t have as many followers as macro influencers, but the followers they do have tend to trust them a lot more and so their engagement rates are a great deal higher than what you would normally get from a macro influencer of some sort.

All in all it seems like influencers are going to continue to be a big part of what makes the world of marketing turn.

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