Google Photos gets a face-lift: Expected to roll out several new updates soon

Similar to most tech companies, Google is also focusing primarily on improving users experience.

The tech giant is currently working on several new features for its Photos app. Although the updates are currently not made available for the public yet, our go to apk magicians have revealed that they will be rolled out soon. In fact, it is expected to come along with the Google Photos upcoming versions.

The key features that will come with the new update include manual face recognition and a markup tool for the image editor.

Manual face tagging – the future of AI

We are all aware of the artificial intelligence that is present in Google Photos. The technology is already so well educated that it is able to recognize our family and friends from even the blurriest images. However, the technology is not perfect and does require some advancements.

Thankfully, the team at XDA Developers has spotted a manual face-tagging feature for Google Photos that will be made available in its upcoming update. When you take a picture, the feature would give you a list of people that you can tag from your previous images.

However, if they don’t match with anyone in your previous photos, you can add the person to the list to improve the Google algorithms. This will enable the functionality to tag the same person in other remaining and future images.

Manual face tagging

Markup tool

The second exciting feature that we are anticipating to see in the new Google Photos update is the markup tool for its image editor. Google Photos is equipped with basic editing tools like crop, image resizing, and filters to change the lightning style of your images. However, it lacked the infamous doodle pen that is present in several messaging apps like Instagram Direct and WhatsApp.

The markup tool will be located along with other editing buttons – near the bottom of the UI.

Markup tool
Screenshot: Julionihili / Twitter

A new timeline editor

Google Photos most recent improvements were aimed directly for the mobile app users – which disbars the users of the desktop from availing the same services.

However, web users of Google Photos should not feel completely neglected, as the tech behemoth has not forgotten them completely. After rolling out an improved movie editor for Android and iOS, Google Photos is adding the same editing capability to its web interface – making the features more in line with those of mobile.

According to AndroidPolice, the editor still lacks many features. It doesn’t allow the users to put in filters on videos. They are also not able to add text overlays. However, the same limitations apply to mobile users so there is not any resentment in this area.

When it comes to the main features, the new editor allows the users to add clips, pictures, and live images. They can also modify the pictures according to the timeline as well as change the music from the preset list.

Google Photos on Web now comes with a new timeline editor for movies

The new functionality introduced by Google will not replace even the basic video editing software. But they work and allow users to create simple movies for everyday sharing. It is also great to see Google bringing features that are compatible on all platforms. Now let’s wait for Google Assistant to come on the web as well! With the technology innovating every day – we are sure that it will come any day too!

As of now, there is no confirmation of when the updates will roll out to the general public. But it will happen soon – we hope.

Keep watching this space and we will update you regarding this and more news on Google Photos.

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