2020 will be the year for Marketers and Consumers, here’s why

The world we living in are moving more towards digital media platforms. Earlier days marketers used to prefer billboards or flyers to advertise products and engage potential consumers but not anymore. We are living among the generation of social media users who prefer everything to be just a click away.

Consumer behavior for 2020

To monitor the behavior of consumers interacting with branded videos on social media, Animoto released a report based on 1000 consumers survey. The study highlights which social media platforms consumers spend more time on and what makes them urge to purchase a product.

The following were the top trends found in consumer behavior according to the report.

· Almost 6 in 10 consumers prefer visiting social media pages of brands before deciding to purchase the products from the websites.

· Since last year, there’s an increase of 81% in the consumer preference of online shopping through social media platforms.

· According to the report, Facebook is considered to be a number 1 social network where consumers prefer to watch video advertisements of brands.

· Whenever a consumer prefers to shop online, video is considered the most helpful form of content because it gives a real-time view of products to consumers as compared to pictures that can be manipulated more easily.

· 1 in 4 consumers purchased a product after watching a story on Instagram.

· Around 24% of consumers are making more purchases online due to the ads they see on social media as compared to last year.

· More than 60% of consumers purchase a product from brands after finding out about them through social media platforms.

· According to the report, consumers purchasing from a brand and discovering it through video ads is the number 1 way used by consumers.

· The top 3 social media platforms with most purchase driving are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

· Among all other social media platforms, YouTube is playing a major role where consumers are checking out about various brands and purchasing online.

· 39% of social media users spend their time on Instagram, 45% on Facebook and more than 51% of social media users spend more of their time on YouTube.

Social Video Trends: Consumer Insights for 2020

Marketer behavior for 2020

 Animoto also released a report that highlights detailed insight on the behavior of marketers about the strategies they’re using to promote their products and reach new customers. The survey of 500 marketers took place to know about the ways they’re using videos on social media platforms to connect with potential customers.

Here are the key stats from the study:

· Facebook is the number 1 platform where marketers are planning to invest in the next 12 months followed by YouTube and Instagram.

· The majority of the marketers preferred using ads manager to place its video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

· In the last 12 months, half of the marketers spent their ad spend on YouTube as compared to other social media platforms.

· More than 77% of marketers have posted a video on IGTV to engage with a variety of potential consumers.

· According to marketing strategy, more than 41% of marketers think that Instagram stories gained more importance in the last 12 months.

· More than 96% of marketers have placed their ad spend on videos as compared to another medium of advertisements.

· According to the Social Video Trends report, 70% of businesses say that they’re creating more video content as compared to the last year.

· 91% of marketers are pretty much satisfied with the return on their investments on video advertisements.

· According to 85% of marketers, the effective and most trending way to grab the attention of potential customers is through videos.

· More than 93% of business gained new customers due to their videos on social media platforms.

· According to the report, 93% of brands post videos once a week or more on Facebook whereas 90% of brands post videos on YouTube. 87% of marketers post videos on Facebook stories, 83% post videos on Instagram feed and around 80% of businesses are posting their video ads on Instagram stories to attract potential customers.

Social Video Trends: Marketer Insights for 2020 - infographic

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