This New Google Feature Will Transform the Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping has become a huge trend because of the convenience factor. Most of the people now shop online because they don’t want to go out, moreover, almost every other month there are online sales to lure the interest of the shoppers. With so many positive things to consider there is only one thing that leaves the shoppers rather skeptical, the reliability factor. Once shoppers select an item and adds this to the cart, there remains an uncertainty factor about the size, color or design. In most cases, lighting makes the color seem different in the picture where other times, the outfit looks good on the model but not in real life.

It seems that after multiple complaints, Google is finally taking important steps to address all these issues together. Google is now allowing the actual purchasers to upload the picture of the product that they have received so the other buyers can take a calculated decision. This must not be confused with the product review because the product review is posted by the shoppers. This feature is specifically for the sellers or retailers where they can display the pictures of the actual products that they have delivered to their satisfied customers. These pictures can be taken from the product reviews that are written by the users. The retailers can take the pictures and update the version, once he signs up for the google product rating program he will be able to make the most out of the feature.

A recent study revealed that most of the shoppers’ research about the product once they like it and decide to purchase it. It also states that 50% of the online shopping enthusiast take help from an actual image and then decide if they want to buy some product or not. The reason behind this is mainly that most of the users have experienced that what might look good on the model might only end up looking like an expensive disaster on them. Multiple funny stories have been reported where the users ordered something online and the size of the product was either ridiculously small or large as compared to the expected size.

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