Adobe Releases Latest Versions of Photoshop and Premiere Elements

Anyone that works in the fields of graphic design, video production, editing or any similar fields are probably going to be familiar with Photoshop as well as Premiere Elements and the numerous benefits that both types of software developed by Adobe. A new version of both software has been a long time coming, and it seems that the 2020 versions of both Photoshop Elements as well as Premiere Elements will be available very soon indeed, and both of these shall provide users with a whole host of new features that are sure to make working a lot easier than it would have been previously.

One of the best features coming with these updates is the one click object selection. Previously you had to drag the cursor around the object that you were trying to select which as an efficient but time consuming process, and in the world of graphic design and image editing it can be a little too time consuming when you have deadline that you need to meet without fail. One click object selection will be far more convenient and would enable you to more quickly get the results that you are looking for.

Here's a video highlighting everything that you can do with Photoshop Elements 2020!

Video editors are also going to love the Premiere Elements feature that would enable them to swap static skies with moving ones automatically from any videos that they are editing. Audio matters quite a bit so ensuring that the audio that your video has is clean and crisp will be a priority for you, and the new version of this software is going to make this possible.

Editors and designers working with black and white photos that want to be able to turn the photos into colored versions will also benefit since a new feature is coming that would bring colors to photos and give you quite a bit of control over what the color palette being used is.

This video shows all the new tricks you can apply with the help of Premiere Elements 2020.

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