Twitter is now same for everyone! Ends the ad-filtered version for influencers

Not many users are aware but Twitter provided an ‘ad-free’ version to the Twitteratis whose account met a certain number of followers. However, the micro-blogging network discreetly ended the privilege that was exclusively available to its influencers.

A company spokesperson admitted that people with high follower counts saw fewer ads on Twitter. However, they changed their tactics just recently and now people with high follower count will see an increase in the number of ads they are seeing.

Here, it should be noted that ‘fewer ads’ actually meant zero ads for the influencers who took on to their Twitter handle to complain about the increase in the ads, they were seeing.

One Twitter user even claimed that she hadn’t seen a single ad in her timeline in years.

Of course, this has all changed now. And whether you like it or not – Ads are for everyone!

Photo Credit: Picture alliance via Getty Images

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