Facebook Introduces an Auto-Reply option for Comments!

Whether we agree or not, the advancement in Technology and AI has resulted in many of us relying on it and becoming lazy. Stairs converted to escalators, manual cars turned into automatic ones and the list goes on. Even Gmail now suggests replies based on the sender’s writing style.

Interestingly, this trend of “Machines doing humans’ tasks for them” has started to take over social media as well. Social media consultant Matt Navarra (who got the tip from Leon Green) recently tweeted about Facebook now suggesting and automatically completing comment replies as well.

Navarra also attached a screenshot with his tweet to give us a glimpse of the new autoreply feature. It can be seen that upon deciding to comment on a post, a number of reply suggestions (possibly) relevant to the post appear above the comment textbox.

Whether the new addition is worth appreciating or not, it is quite concerning how laziness is finally taken over so effectively that we couldn’t even reply without getting help. Many people are comparing it to a similar feature incorporated by LinkedIn, aka Quick Replies.

Putting all concerns aside, the positive thing about this new feature is that it will likely enhance post engagements. Until now, many people preferred to simply react on a post instead of commenting to save time. Now, with automatic replies and suggestions, they might choose to comment frequently as well.

It isn’t clear whether the feature has publicly rolled out or not as of yet. For now, it is best for us to keep our Facebook applications updated and look out for the change. Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.

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