Snapchat to Start Offering New 3D Mode

These days there are two main social media platforms that are vying for dominance in the world of image sharing, and these two apps are Instagram and Snapchat. While Facebook remains the all encompassing monolith of social media and Twitter continues to carve out its own niche in the market, Snapchat and Instagram are attempting to duke it out and try to secure the every coveted Gen Z market which is quickly becoming one of the primary demographics for any high profile social media platform to try and tackle all in all.

Even though Instagram has the juggernaut that is Facebook backing it up, Snap Inc has been able to hold its own with their flagship Snapchat app. One aspect of this race that is particularly beneficial to consumers is that it has created a sort of arms race in terms of the features that each app has to offer. Each app attempts to one up the other and this leads to more and more features being added every day.

Snap Inc. moved into the world of hardware with its Snap Specs, and one of the most popular features within these smart glasses was a 3D mode that allowed you to see the world through an almost surreal lens that filled it with filters. Snapchat is now adding a 3D mode to its flagship app, and this 3D mode will essentially allow you to take pictures and videos that will have actual 3 dimensional depth to them, depth that would make it so that the background would shift if you moved your phone around.

It should be noted that this feature is currently only going to be available to people that have an iPhone X or a higher level model. Android users and those with previous generation iPhones will be able to view these images but the option to capture them will not be available.

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