Users afraid of privacy breach, they are shifting from social media to private message while brands need to change strategy

From 20th century to 21st century, the world has been changed a lot. It was a time when there were few ways of communication like telephone, face to face communication and letters or newspapers, but now, there are ample of ways. One of them is social media. Social media came in the beginning of 21st century and now it has turned everything upside down.

Today, the promotions and marketing are being done on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because a majority of population of this world is present there.

Thus, 2019 is the time of updates, stories and private messaging.

Yes private messaging is on rise, because everything is shifting in the way as it was in past. It might confusing you but the truth is that people are worried about their privacy and negative impact of social media on their lives. Users are worried about privacy and data theft as 42 percent people prefer to share the posts via private message on Facebook while 30 percent users choose WhatsApp to share posts and different stories.

It shows that people are getting aware that what should they post on social media and what should be avoided to make public for everyone. This shows that brands and companies have to change their strategies to market their products. Take an example of Adidas which used Facebook Messenger for the campaign of Tango Squad in 2017. After all, users are getting tired of loads of information which they receive from internet.

People use social media for three reasons: connect to friends and family, get news and information and get entertainment. That’s the reason why it has been turning into a virtual shopping mall!

According to GlobalWebIndex, people are decreasing their screen timing and youngsters are working more on it (46 percent) than adults (34 percent). They have reduced their hours of using social media. In terms of genders, so women are more towards reducing hours (44 percent) than men (33 percent).

Furthermore, there is increment in deactivating accounts. However, males are deactivating more (66 percent) than females (46 percent).

Although, it is good to reduce time, the deactivators did not give valid reason of going away from social media for some time. The research shows that out of four users, one is leaving because of having less interest to know about people. Similarly, other scale shows that one user out of four and five users are now preferring hobbies and spending time with friends and families respectively.

Yet, internet and social media do not have negative impact only. 41 percent users find these applications as a source to connect to relatives and world while 35 percent users says that their life are not affected by social media in a negatively. Only 13 percent users say that they have negative impact of social media on their lives. Furthermore, most of the users are still connected to Facebook, Instagram and other applications like this which is a good news for brands and companies.

Brands and companies should change their ways. They should promote their campaigns and products via private messages because it is the easiest way to reach consumers to meet their demands.

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