The Evolution of the Device Landscape

Not too long ago, the very concept of smartphones was the sort of thing that you only saw in science fiction movies. However, now smartphones have become an intrinsic part of every day life in the modern era, and this has completely changed the device landscape that we were accustomed to, something that most people have adjusted to quite well over the past few years.

However, one thing that must be realized is that the device landscape is not a static object. Rather it is something that evolves continuously, and it has changed even more since the advent and proliferation of smartphones in our society. One change that has come about in the device landscape of the modern world has to do with accessories.

Now, smart watches and home products also play a role in the kind of lifestyle that we are living in, but these kinds of devices struggle to compete with the smartphone simple because of the fact that the smartphone can fulfill so many different tasks all at once that even mainstays of a household’s device landscape such as laptops and other kinds of computers are struggling to keep up with smartphones quickly becoming the dominant device from which users access the internet.

A side effect of this is that we are spending more time online. Since the devices that we use in order to access the online world are so compact and easy to carry around with you at all times, we don’t have as many hurdles to face when we are considering going online for any purpose.

Back in 2013, about three quarters of the total amount of time spent on the internet by the average user was done via a PC. Now, however, according to a study by GlobalWebIndex, the split between laptops and other personal computers and smartphones is pretty much even, and it seems like smartphones will outstrip personal computers and become the dominant form of communication in the modern world.

The Evolution of the Device Landscape

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