Digital marketers are spending more on Facebook advertisements as compared to Instagram

According to a recent study, more than 60% of advertisements on Facebook are dedicated to its News Feed despite the increased advertisements on Instagram. Recently, Socialbakers published its Q2 2019 study "Key Social Media Trends" that highlights how digital marketers are spending their money on Facebook News Feed as compared to Instagram.

According to the study, Marketers might be overspending on Facebook’s News Feed. Socialbakers analyzed more than 143,300 business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. According to the study, the Facebook News Feed receives more than half of the spending by marketers and only 20% of the money spent goes to the Instagram Feed and around 10% amount is spent on Instagram Stories, Facebook Instream Video and Facebook Suggested Video.

As analyzed by SocialBakers, around 30% of media spending goes to the content that earns a ‘C’ or ‘D’ quality grade. The study by Socialbakers suggests that marketers should better spend money on Instagram instead of Facebook.

Detailed insight into the advertisement metrics

According to ad metrics, the study found that cost per click (CPC) on Facebook recently reached an increase of 15 cents last year before a seasonal dip near the holiday season and it returned to 14 cents during the first half of the year.

The click-through rate of brands saw a downfall from 1.6% at the beginning of the year to now 1.1%, displaying that brands need to improve their audience targeting on Facebook.

When the firm measured business profiles of top 50 brands on Instagram and Facebook, it turned out both platform’s top 50 brands have same audience size but the engagement of brands on Instagram is higher as compared to Facebook.

According to Socialbakers, the interactions for Instagram posts remained the same as the past year whereas the interactions for Facebook posts fell 3.3%. This decrease in the interactions for Facebook posts clearly displays that Instagram promises more potential customers to brands as compared to Facebook.

Suggestions for brands looking to advertise

If brands really want to increase engagements on the platforms, they should consider using Facebook Live and Instagram Carousel formats to boost interactions. The Carousel format of Instagram is a tool that displays series of images by swiping sideways on smartphone screen and according to the study by Socialbakers on more than 61,000 brand profiles on Instagram, the Carousel format offers organic interactions at more than 120 per post but this Carousel format is only used 15%-18% of the time by brands.

Facebook Live is also a new live streaming tool that provides a huge amount of interactions to brands only if they utilize it accordingly but instead it is only used around 4% of the times. If brands use more popular formats to advertise their products and services they can easily avoid the waste of resources on posts that won’t generate any sort of leads. Marketers need to spend on various ad formats to boost their engagement. For all categories of brands, mobile devices play a very crucial part in it as more than 95% of ads seen are on mobile devices and only 5% of ads are seen on Desktops.

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