Instagram Is Testing New Feature to Help You Sort the People You Follow

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platform because of multiple reasons. Once launched just as a picture sharing app, Instagram evolved as a place to showcase fashion, big brands, celebrity lifestyle, professional video and photography skills, and good food. The only issue is that people who follow too many accounts end up getting confused between what’s important for them and what’s not. to provide a good solution to this confusion, Instagram is experimenting with a completely new feature that solves this issue right away.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the new feature helps the users to group down the followed accounts in to order to make it easier for them to manage them all. Instagrammers can now sort the followed users according to the least interacted account as well as the most shown account in the feed. All these accounts are sorted according to the 90 days’ time period which means that within the last three months, the accounts that have been either interacted with the most or least can be sorted according to the personal preference of the users.

Once users have the access to this feature they can make a group according to their interests, which means accounts related to e.g. art can have their own group whereas, design inspiration, clothing based accounts, celebrities accounts, YouTubers accounts, family accounts or any account that users prefer to categorize and be grouped according to the requirement.

With the development of this new feature user are not required to search through the whole list of the followed accounts to see which account they want to check, instead, on following the account they can simply categorize the account and this will later help them to search the account. This feature was specially designed for the people who want to just go through the accounts that they have been interacting with the most. This feature will help in saving time, so the user can catch up on the social life of the friend and family without scrolling through a long feed that might take a few hours to complete. However, this might become a problem for the brand who are using their Instagram accounts for endorsing their products only.

Instagram is testing to “group the accounts you follow to make them easier to manage”, such as:  “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed” which are counted in the last 90 days.

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