Instagram Takes Steps to Protect Users from Phishing

There are a lot of scams out there, so much so that the internet resembles the old west in a lot of ways in that it is an often lawless place that can end up costing the unsuspecting passers by a lot of money that they would lose simply because of the fact that they were not aware of what would happen if they did something that they thought would be perfectly acceptable were there not a large number of malicious actors present on the world wide web.

One really common scam that exists on the internet is called phishing. Phishing is basically when a user gets an email that is ostensibly from a reliable source. Everything would look pretty much standard within this email, but there would be a link that you would be able to click within the email. This link is what would cause you to lose quite a bit of data if you end up clicking on it because of the fact that it would lead you to a webpage that would steal data from your system or potentially install a virus onto your device that would end up doing a lot of damage all in all.

Instagram is taking steps to protect its users from the dangers of phishing. Now, there will be an easy to access list of emails that Instagram has officially sent out.

If you get an email from the company, you can simply cross check it with the published list. If the email is on the list then you can rest assured that it is probably nothing to worry about. However, if the email is not in the security tab then you are probably being targeted for phishing and you would do well to log some kind of a complaint with Instagram so that they know what is happening and can try to put a stop to it.

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