Instagram to Incorporate Augmented Reality into Shopping Experience

With the eCommerce landscape becoming more competitive than ever before, social media platforms are struggling to make themselves remain relevant in the face of adversity. The whole point of starting a platform is to maximize its earning potential, and companies are doing so by adding as many different features as possible so that the user experience can give whoever is taking part in it as many different opportunities to maximize what they end up receiving as possible.

A good example of social media platforms that are expanding their horizons to capture as many users as they can is with Instagram. The image sharing platform has been making several forays into the world of online shopping and eCommerce. While its traditional competitors have been Snapchat and YouTube, it now has Amazon and eBay to contend with as well, and it is trying to deal with the pressures of this competition by incorporating as many features as possible that are meant to give an alternative shopping experience to its users, the kind of shopping experience that they would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

According to Mashable, Instagram is testing out a new feature that is basically meant to typify this strategy. The new feature involves incorporating augmented reality into the shopping experience, offering users the chance to get a more accurate preview of any products that they might want to buy. Using the augmented reality technology users would be able to peruse products like clothes and glasses and get a genuine example of what these products would look on them.

This will remove a lot of the uncertainty that comes with online shopping and might do a lot to convince uncertain users that Instagram is the next big thing when it comes to eCommerce, potentially allowing the social media platform to get lots of new users interested in their new advances.

Instagram to Incorporate Augmented Reality into Shopping Experience

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