Curious what TikTok app is adding in its new update? Let’s find out!

TikTok is one of the largest video streaming apps and it pretty much famous among teens and various brands as well. Recently iOS users noticed few changes in the app and we think the new updates by TikTok need to be highlighted. TikTok recently introduced pro creator accounts and some native analytics tools for brands. These new features introduced by TikTok shows that its is trying to prioritize brands on the platform and is attempting to make the app more friendly for brands by introducing some new tools for them.

The new features in the updated version of TikTok, as spotted by Lachlan Kirkwood, include a streamlined experience for users whenever they upload the content and now the new feature also enables the users to add an external Wikipedia link to their posts as well.

New Editor Experience for users

Whenever a user wants to create some new and unique videos on the platform they’ll have the ability to combine multiple video assets in single video output. In the previous version of TikTok, users would just select the videos they like and then adjust the video editor according to the point where they want to add a featured song but not anymore.

New Editor Experience for TikTok users

With a new update of TikTok launched in October, now users will be automatically suggested featured songs after they select the video assets they’d like to be used. The new UI enables users with the option of selecting from default video editing experience or syncing sound experience. This new feature by TikTok is really helpful for creators and brands who are looking for some new helpful ways to streamline content efficiently.

Attach additional links

Brands always complained about the downside of TikTok that they fail to drive traffic from the platform to some external sites and it appears TikTok has finally listened to all those queries. Earlier days, brands could only post URLs within their profiles and those were not clickable or helpful in any way to derive traffic from the platform. With a new update, now brands can easily attach external links in their posts and if you think that it’s something a dream come true moment for brands that’s because it totally is.

TikTik Allows External Wikipedia Links

The external link attached in any post must be sourced from native integration with Wikipedia only. Now whenever a user will upload a post, they’ll have the new option to search for a related topic on Wikipedia. The native search option will allow users to access Wikipedia pages within the app and once the user finds a relevant topic they can easily choose to add the links to their videos.

We are curious to know the reason behind external links from Wikipedia only

We think publishers like The Washington Post are becoming more popular across the platform of TikTok and the aim behind this new tool is to enable users to verify the authenticity of the information they provide within a post. For brands, this could be the perfect time to update content on their Wikipedia listings and to use this new tool to drive more traffic from the platform.

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