Google clears out the Confusion on Chrome’s Encrypted DNS-Push

Just recently, Google introduced some new features in the Chrome’s new update that also included a plan to encrypt DNS in Chrome. Even though this new feature might benefit many but it was subjected to a lot of criticism in the United States by the Internet Service Providers.

According to Internet Service Providers, the new DNS encryption will limit the monitoring of information flowing on the internet. This new approach is much appreciated by privacy activists. Google has come out with some explanations to allow people to understand what encrypted DNS is about to remove any confusion.

From what Google has reported, when a user will search for a website, the query will be sent to the DNS from where it will be converted into IPS, which will help in identifying the website to the user.

Currently, the websites lack encryption that means you can be directed to any page, which is the reason why Google has added DNS encryption in Chrome. In short, to make the connections more secure and safe.

Google is not changing the DNS provider of a user but is only providing support to the connections if you are using a DNS over HTTPS (DoH)-supported provider.

This new update by Chrome will also lead to interfering in parental controls that service providers offer to the users. Usually, inappropriate sites are blocked, which leads to protecting children from viewing any inadequate content on the internet.

Currently, Google is only testing this new feature on 1% on users to check their performance.

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