YouTube lends a hand to the creators – makes comment filtering easier

Prominent YouTube creators receive thousands of comments on their videos – each hour, making it difficult for them to filter out the questions and engage with the viewers. To make things easier, YouTube updates its filtering system so the influencers can conveniently filter out the comments that require immediate attention.

According to a community post by YouTube, the new filtering options will include:

· Response status

· Subscriber status

· Contains question

· Member status

· Subscriber count

As the name implies, the response status will signify to the creator if he or she has already responded to this comment. The filter for question will allow the creator to single out the comments that include question so they can answer within the due time.

Subscriber count indicates the number of commenters the particular commenter has while their status reveals to the creator whether the specific individual has subscribed to their YouTube channel. Lastly, the member status shows whether the person who made the comment a member of YouTube.

Previously, YouTube’s comment filtering system was limited to keyword searches only. For example, if the YouTubers searched by the keyword ‘hope’ they would only get the results with the term ‘hope’ However, the update will ensure the creator sees better search results that will help them engage more efficiently with their audience.

It is also anticipated that the company will add more options to the filtering system to give the creators more control over the comments.

If you are also a creator of YouTube, check out the new updated filters and let us know your experiences in the comments section!

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