Second Malware Attack, but this time on Avast Itself; Company Releases no plans of discontinuing CCleaner

CCleaner is a Windows application, controlled by Piriform that was recently acquired by Avast in 2017. This Windows app first came with the sole feature of “register cleaning”, however, soon it becomes one of the top due to a number of features that were introduced in it with time.

Before the acquisition of CCleaner by Avast in 2017, the app was hit by a major hack. The attack was done by the Chinese state-sponsored hackers who used a TeamViewer account to get into the CCleaner distribution servers.

The new update of CCleaner was tainted with the malware and the malware was known as Floxif. The hackers were finding ways to enter into the computers of high-tech computers that would leave for a second more powerful malware attack.

After Avast acquired CCleaner, they released a report stating that over 2.27 million users were affected by the first-stage Floxif Trojan, however, only 40 computers were affected by the second malware attack.

Now, coming to the 2019 hack, the hackers have now tried to enter into the Avast network. The company stated that the hackers entered into the network through an employee’s VPN credentials of a temporary VPN profile, left unprotected by 2FA protection.

Even though the breach was real, but the hackers were not able to hit the new CCleaner update with malware. Currently, Avast is working on finding more about the malware attack, however, there has been no update until now. The only statement released by the company is that the attack might be from the same 2017 Chinese hackers.

Avast has been suggested by other tech-companies to retire CCleaner before it further causes any trouble for the company. As stated by high-tech companies, CCleaner is nothing but a state-magnet to the Chinese hackers.

Even though people are reporting negative traits of the CCleaner but are forgetting the number of features it has in it. You can find cloud-based management, remote management, email alerts and much more in CCleaner.

CCleaner is one of the top apps in the market, which is the reason why it attracts such malware attacks. The huge userbase of the app is what makes it so special.

On the flip side, Avast has stated that the CCleaner is not facing anything that other tech giants are not. As long as a company is among the top in the market, the hackers will keep coming. Avast has stated that the attacks will keep happening again and again and therefore, there is no chance that they will give up on the CCleaner.

Photo: CCleaner.

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