YouTube is finally testing the video queue feature on the web

Several video apps and services have a queue feature, but unfortunately, one of the biggest video platforms, YouTube does not have till date. It instead auto-played videos after one end, based on an algorithm.

However, YouTube has realized the importance of this feature and has been working on it. Anyone using YouTube on the web can try this temporary feature that allows queuing videos.

A pop-up is sown on users' account to inform about the new feature, but not all users have been notified. It is already active for the users to have a tooltip. Whereas others have to manually enable it by going to and click the blue 'try it out.'

Once the feature is enabled, any video can be queued by going to overflow menu and selecting 'Add to queue'. Video can be selected from the search result, up next list, from a channel or even homepage. After choosing the video, it will appear in 'miniplayer' found at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The miniplayer can expand in a bar form, where all queued videos can be found. Videos can be either removed or rearranged by clicking and dragging them. Click the X button in miniplayer to close the current queue.

According to YouTube, the queue feature testing will continue till September 10, during which users can send feedback to the developing team. If it receives positive feedback from the majority, it will hopefully be rolled out publicly.

The company has not said anything about introducing this feature on the app. However, YouTube allows a queue manager that is displayed only when mobile is connected to Chromeset. It will let users enable queue feature anytime.

Hat Tip: Androidpolice.

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