After Mozilla, Google Chrome tests to block third party cookies to warn advertisers

Mozilla has released its news version Firefox 69. The new version has the feature of blocking tracking cookies of third party. Recently Google has also began testing it’s new feature that can block the cookies as well in Google Chrome.

The latest version of Chrome has the setting of enabling cookie control on User Interface in the area of Cookie and Site data (or it can be accessed from by visiting chrome://settings/content/cookies). This setting gives user an option to either enable it or disable it. Upon enabling this setting, they will get an option of blocking third party cookies.

On using this option, all third party cookies will be disabled on the websites users are using. Because of enabling this option, there will be a sign at the end of bar that will inform them that tell the number of sites from which the sites are blocked in incognito mode.

The users can be informed about the sites whose cookies are blocked if they click at Chrome security door hanger. Upon clicking at door hanger, they can see three headings: certificate, cookies and site settings.

On clicking at cookies, they will be informed about the numbers of cookies which are in use. The heading has a tab of blocked cookies as well.

Thus, this new advancement is warning advertisers and trackers that it will become common to block third party cookies on all browsers.

This new feature is being tested at Google Chrome 78 Canary Build. People can also test this feature by downloading the new Chrome or updating their old Chrome.

Once the Canary Build is downloaded enable the control Cookies UI and refresh the browser.

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